Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Best Durians are in May?

~With Beanoo our resident photog at Tari~

I've been trying to put some rhymes together whole afternoon. A little road block maybe and couldn't find the right spots to park my words.

I haven't been listening to myself lately. My mind and my heart are at odds. It's hard to hear anything when they're fighting.

I can't keep up. Trying makes it that much harder.

Mee kuah was nice. Al least.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Zip zip Zip...!

Dizzy. Spinning. In KKB. Just got down from Genting and Fraser.
With Lotus Club Malaysia on one of their crazy Sunday drives.
Just had breakfast.
Waterfall now :-)

Friday, March 27, 2009

March 27, 2009

"It's sweet. Try some la." So I did. And I am :-D

With ma' boys at Vintry, Damansara Heights. It's always good to see them.

The girls just arrived :-D

Feeling a little warm now. Nice. The taste i mean. Sweet. Making me a little sleepy...

Feels like I've forgotten something. Hope i didn't leave anything at the bookshop.

Hui Ming just reminded me of my camera. Ah... No wonder la. Hehe...
Off to work now. Will post up some of the pictures soon.

'A' Class Aqua

Acqua Panna. In my opinion the BEST bottled water in the world :-D
It's so smooth it feels like drinking straight from Heaven. I love love love love love Panna!

Am at alexis BSC with Julie. She's on the phone with her Pelle. They are living proof that Fairytales do come true :-)
The kerabu fried rice is divine... Kampung Nyonya loves her belacan.

She's still on the phone. I think she's forgotten about her laparness. *sigh* Love...
I... Love love LOVE Panna!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dining with Nature at Subak

~Teriyaki-Glazed Seafood Kebabs~

Smells nice here. No mosquitoes. :-D
Food is good too.

Subak is hosting a charity dinner this Saturday the 28th for Earth Hour (don't forget, turn off your lights from 8-9pm on Saturday. Show your love for Mother Nature :-D). 50 Ringgit to dine under the stars with the stars. Come and join in the fun! All proceeds will go to WWF Malaysia. Log on to www.subak.com.my for more info.

Gotta get back to dinner now ;-)

FACES 100TH Issue

It's so cold here right under the vent. Chatting with JoB.
Hungry again :-D

This Kampung Girl will never get used to City traffic.

Stuck in traffic and trying to read. Getting dizzy... On my way to M.O.S for the launch of Asience.

Still hope to catch Idol tonight. Waiting for Kel to call :-D


~Karuna and her Daddy~

On my way back to the City. Gonna miss my little Rue.

Stuck in an almost impossible jam on the bridge. Aeroline playing aircraft/elevator music which is making me feel rather anxious...

Oh... Our 'flight' attendant is bringing us our headsets. Excellent. His 'Welcome' announcement earlier sounded a whole lot like English and was the best I've heard so far.
Wonder what movie he's gonna play. I'm putting my money on the one about the boy and his Scottish sea creature.

Oh... They have Juno. I've not seen Juno.
Mama Mia! He's decided on Abba. Can never go wrong with Abba. Clever...

Yay... Breakfast's here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Biggest Show on TV

My family and I have been so hooked on this show ever since Fantasia Borino. My favourite? Carrie Underwood. To be honest, I wasn't rooting for her at all throughout the competition. I'm more for the underdogs.

          My favourites this year
  1. Megan Joy!!! Need I say more?
  2. Danny Gokey
  3. Anoop Dog ('Cause he's Asian and 'Cause he's also good la)

Morning Business

I was coughing my insides out the whole night. Must be the damn meds.
Been listening to Mayer and Mraz. Gotta love a man with a guitar and nimble fingers ;-)

Dear cousin Roy is coming home for 2 weeks. Haven't seen him in almost 4 years now. Can't wait!

I'm so tired. Maybe i can try to sneak out the back :-P

Monday, March 23, 2009

Karaikudi Restaurant

... And the winner is... Aloo Ghobi!

Cauliflower and peas, briyani rice and vege yogurt.

People generally have A LOT to say...

... A LOT of CRAP to say which will never do any of us any good :-)

Friday, March 20, 2009

The wonders of modern technology.

My housemate Hui Ming with her Hunny Kenneth (in Brunei) on Skype.

Ewah Ewah!

I feel like an outsider but yet am happy to belong. I suppose i should try to have fun and not let the damn bug get to me. It really is quite a fun show. *cough*cough*sniff*sniff*

My Che Ches

Thanks to the very friendly people at Digi, i now can once again photoblog on the go!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Courtesy of my good friends at PolaDroid.net
Thank you Beanoo for the introduction :)
You guys should try it out too!