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Friday, March 18, 2011

I ♥ Penang!

A huge Thank You to everyone at Pearl and M8 Studio for the lovely article on my Island and the awesome photos.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Azura, myself, Jojo and Marcela.
(Lovely shot courtesy of Kenneth Ooi)

Marcela, Azura, Melissa and Smitha

With the bubbly Rina Omar.

Another one of my favorites with my GORTfriend, the gorgeous Azura Zainal.

With ShaSha and the lovely Nell Ng.

Always a beauty, Elaine Daly.

With Beauty Queen, Dato' Yasmin Yusuff.

Posing with the SKII team.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Don't let this be the last.

60 years ago,
There were

Our nation's symbol of

I have been browsing through the web to research material for my Tiger Blogfest entry and am horrified by what I found. I was looking for information on the dwindling population of our Malayan Tiger and found that no amount of facts, stats and information will ever be able to send a stronger message than a few horrifying photographs.
I will not post these pictures here.
They are too heartbreaking.
Here's a link to the images I've found.
Or you could just Google 'Tiger poaching' or 'Tiger parts'
These images are graphic.
Do not view if you have a weak heart.

Help increase the Malayan Tiger population by spreading the word on Tiger conservation.
For more information on the efforts taken to increase their numbers, please log on to

To find out how you can help, please log on to

Earn your stripes and become a Tiger Ambassador today.
Join us in our pledge,

I hereby pledge,
  • to not eat, buy or sell tigers, their parts or products that claim to contain tiger essences.
  • to report wildlife crimes to the Wildlife Crime Hotline at 019.356.4.194
  • to earn my stripes and learn more about tigers and how to save them.
It's the Year of The Tiger.

Don't let this be the last.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

These American kids have it good, don't they?

I had quite an adventure the other day at The Met. T'was a little crowded but that didn't matter 'cause I had the whole day. It's usually packed in the mornings with school kids on field trips and I just couldn't help but feel a little envious that morning.

These kids have it good. I wonder if they realize. Their field trips include visiting...

... Dinosaurs,


And Van Gogh.

Oh and ...

and Andy Warhol (!!!)

and Chuck Close

and RODIN!
(Was surprised at how tiny he was)

... Monet ... (*sigh*)

I made another visit with my cousins after that day. This time in the evening after Cat had finished work. Cat used to work at the Museum and gave me a private tour. It was nothing short of AWESOME.
We were quiet for awhile. Each of us in or own world starring at Van Gogh when I said to them, 'You guys are so lucky. You get to come here anytime you want.'
And then Roy turned to me and said, 'Yeah? I'd trade places with you any day. You get to have Ban Chang Kueh anytime you want!'

(Chinese Peanut Pancakes, A Penang Roadside Delicacy)

I guess the grass will always be greener on the other side :)

10,000 miles for Ban Chang Kueh and 10,000 miles for...

breakfast with Rex...

... And tea with my friend the @NatHistoryWhale

Both equally worth the journey!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tiger Blogfest 2010

When I was a little girl, my Mom asked me what I'd like to have as my first very own pet. Thinking I'd say a hamster or even a little puppy, she was very surprised at what came out from my mouth. I said I wanted a Tiger.

Mommy then told me that Tigers were born to be wild and that they wouldn't be happy if they lived with us in Lengkok Erskine.
My fascination for these majestic creatures grew with her stories and didn't stop there.

In 2008 I was chosen as one of Malaysia's Tiger Ambassadors, a group of Tiger lovers who would continue to advocate for our Malayan Tigers.

You can do your part too.

Tiger Blogfest 2010 will fall on the week of April 19-23 which coincides with Earth Day on the 22nd.

You can help by telling your friends.

You can help by talking about Tiger Blogfest on your Facebook.

You can also tweet about this.

If you're a blogger, even better.

Blog about this.

For more information on Tiger Blogfest 2010, please log on to

To learn more about the plight of our Malayan Tigers, please log on to

Here's your chance to be a Tiger Ambassador too :)

Photo 2&3 courtesy of Beanoo

Sunday, April 4, 2010

March 10, 51st Anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising.

Can you imagine if you were forced out of your home? Have your family taken away from you. The life that you know, the land that you so Love and everything familiar to you brutally taken from you.
I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like to be forced out of my island home. My life and my family's threatened if we ever return. I cannot imagine not ever again celebrating Chinese New Year, Chirstmas, Hari Raya, Deepavali and all the festivities the way we
Malaysians have so grown accustomed to. My children not ever having the chance to know Penang. My roots. My ancestors' roots cut from beneath me. I cannot even begin to imagine.

Being with the Tibetans that day, that gorgeous Wednesday afternoon in New York City made me realize how good we have it. Sure we have injustice. And sure things are not always fair. But we still have our land and we still have the privilege to fight for our rights, our beliefs and most importantly practice our respective religions within the safety of our own land.
Everyone has the right to be free. We should never stop fighting for what is rightfully ours to have. I commend and so deeply admire the courage, strength and unwavering faith of the Tibetan people in exile.

I am writing this entry as a humble salute to everyone who has ever fought for Freedom. To everyone who is fighting the good fight, keep it up and please know that you are never alone.

*Learn more about the Tibetan people in exile and their fight for Freedom at

She has never seen her homeland with her own eyes. Lahdon Tethang fights relentlessly for the freedom of her people.

People from all over came to Union Square that day in support of Freedom.

Imprisoned for 11 years without trial for singing songs of Freedom on the streets, Ngawang Sangdral a Nun who was beaten repeatedly while in prison was finally released after excessive pressure from the United States and other intervening countries.

The massive crowd at Union Square Park on March 10.

Potrait of the Dalai Lama beside a Tibetan flag in front of an Equestrian statue of George Washington.

A Freedom fighter draped in a Tibetan flag.

Monday, March 15, 2010

We Won Another One!

The Cast and Team at the Press Screening

The people have voted and Afdlin Shauki's 'Papadom just won 3rd place out of 12 international films in the Audience Choice category at the Osaka Film Festival yesterday!
Congratulations to our team!

On top of that, 'Papadom' also won Best Film, Best Original Score (Pacai), Best Actor (Afdlin Shauki) and Best Actress (Liyana Jasmay) at the 22nd Malaysian Film Festival (FFM2009)

The Cast of 'Papadom' on set at UiTM
From top left: Que Haidar, Myself, Afdlin Shauki, Liyana Jasmay, Vanidah Imran, Norkhiriah, Scha and Farid Kamil.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I ♥ NY

I was so nervous. A part of me didn't want to meet him. I wanted to still adore him. Especially after seeing him perform on Broadway. I didn't want him to be one of those self-absorbed stuck-up superstars. That would be so sad, right? My fears were put to rest as soon as he shook my hand. He was so charismatic (*faint*) and sincere. I feel so blessed to have met him :)

My Hero James Spader and I

And here are a few snapshots of my adventures in this wonderful City.
More to come :)

With The King of Daytime TV, Regis Philbin

Grinning like an idiot with my winning ticket!

At Central Park

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here I Am Again

Today was not a very eventful day. But fulfilling nonetheless. Started off a little sunny but got Mary Poppins windy towards the evening. Wind was coming from all sorts of directions.

I had just filled in the first few acid-free pages of my fresh new 5X8¼"Moleskine and am feeling very good about myself. And so decided to give myself a little treat.

Took a nice walk up and down Times Square (again) with my cute-as-a-button Aussie gal pal Paige Herbermann and made our first stop at Crumbs a cupcake shop on Broadway. Had each a sinful treat and went on our way. Walked around aimlessly for a bit and succumbed to 2 $10 Comedy Central taping tickets. VIP too... Was most cynically convinced that it was a street-side scam but we bought them anyway 'cause the lady was very convincing in her pitch. We're going on Sunday.

Walking makes one very hungry. And the wind was blowing away all the calories from the cupcakes :)

We then found ourselves tucked nicely in a corner at this cute little very all-American Diner called Stardust. Waiters and waitresses donned classic 50's outfits and hairdos and did renditions of Johnny Cash and June Carter duets on the bar top. My favorite moment was when one of the waitresses jumped up on the bar top and sang 'Popular' from Wicked. I was grinning like an idiot and singing along like a very bad and broken karaoke machine ( I have a sore throat, k :( ) It was a nice experience.
The servers at Stardust are all working and struggling actors waiting for their big break on Broadway. They looked like they were having a ball. I wouldn't mind having a job like that, really. Singing your heart out on a bar top while an Asian chick sucks on a BBQ chicken wing in the corner. I wish them all the best.

I would have taken more pictures had I brought along my 450D. And my little Android was running out of battery.

And here's a sweet and honest message I found in one of 'em touristy souvenir shops. I didn't buy it 'cause it would have cost me $8 so instead, I took a picture.
Hope you like it :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

1 Post a Week?

You think I'd be able to manage at least one post a week? I've been feeling very couped up recently. By choice I suppose. I open up my dashboard, type in a few lines and conclude to myself that I have nothing but a few pictures to show. I then send my courser up to the top right corner of my screen (I'm on a PC) and... *click*
But I'm not gonna do that today. I feel a sudden urge to share. Be it just a picture. New York City in winter makes me very emo. Emo writing can be good. It can also potentially be a 'What the h*ll was I thinking?'
New York City.
A City of Dreams.
A City where Dreams come true.
You'll find your Dreams in New York City.
New York City is a City of Hope.
People come here to look for something that's missing in their lives.
Some find it .
Some don't.
Some arrive to realize that what they've been missing was right under their noses.

Chinese New Year at Chinatown

The Manhattan Bridge

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Green and Grey Eyes Anyone?

Urban Grey lenses I wore at the launch of FreshKon Mosiac Color Contact Lenses.

Hannah Lo, Stephanie Chai, Jojo Struys and I sporting Green and Grey eyes at the launch.

Steph and Jo with their Luscious Green eyes.
( Photo courtesy of Jojo Struys at )

Special thanks to everyone at FreshKon for the lovely gifts!