Monday, March 15, 2010

We Won Another One!

The Cast and Team at the Press Screening

The people have voted and Afdlin Shauki's 'Papadom just won 3rd place out of 12 international films in the Audience Choice category at the Osaka Film Festival yesterday!
Congratulations to our team!

On top of that, 'Papadom' also won Best Film, Best Original Score (Pacai), Best Actor (Afdlin Shauki) and Best Actress (Liyana Jasmay) at the 22nd Malaysian Film Festival (FFM2009)

The Cast of 'Papadom' on set at UiTM
From top left: Que Haidar, Myself, Afdlin Shauki, Liyana Jasmay, Vanidah Imran, Norkhiriah, Scha and Farid Kamil.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I ♥ NY

I was so nervous. A part of me didn't want to meet him. I wanted to still adore him. Especially after seeing him perform on Broadway. I didn't want him to be one of those self-absorbed stuck-up superstars. That would be so sad, right? My fears were put to rest as soon as he shook my hand. He was so charismatic (*faint*) and sincere. I feel so blessed to have met him :)

My Hero James Spader and I

And here are a few snapshots of my adventures in this wonderful City.
More to come :)

With The King of Daytime TV, Regis Philbin

Grinning like an idiot with my winning ticket!

At Central Park