Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kan-Cheong Kitchen

I'm having fun already. :-)

Am a guest judge on this funky chaotic cooking program hosted by the Rina and Phat Phabes. Starting soon. Write later.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Dinner at Paramount

Mmmph... So goooood.. So sinful. Haven't had such a good meal in ages!
Can't wait to go home on Sunday. And i can't wait till Bangkok! Just heard from Gracie that the entire cast of Streetfighter is staying on the same block as Jo. :-)
Can't wait!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

J.Co with Michael

I'm so full! Are doughnuts considered 'dairy'? If they are then i'm screwed..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Steamed bread at Yut Kee.

Doc said no half-boiled eggs. Have to be good for at least a couple of more days. Just finished a bowl of chicken porridge. The steamed bread with SCS butter and kaya was .. Mmmph.. Yummy..

I like this. Sitting here at Yut Kee in the middle of the afternoon with just my thoughts. Observing.. No fixed schedule to follow. No one here i have to layan.. Haha..

I am enjoying this solitude.

Was watching Grey's Anatomy on my notebook till four in the morning so had to miss the 7am Yoga class..
I feel guilty.

Eileen called while i was still working on my porridge. She was also makaning alone. So in a way we were makaning together. :-)
I miss her.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dear dear Su

Spent a precious hour with a precious friend this evening. I haven't seen Su in more than 3 years. She hasn't changed one bit. Seeing her again brought back memories of 5 Maju, High Street Kensington and China White. I want to visit her soon. But London is too expensive.

Am at Playaz with Alvin. They are playing snooker and i'm sitting here in a red bubble dress blogging.. So anti social.. Cheh..

Had 5 sticks of satay. Nice...

I feel bloated.

I'm addicted to the fresh red apple-carrot-ginger juice at Celebrity Fitness. Reason enough for me to get my lazy tush to the gym. Plus they have CNN and Star World. Need new earphones.

Think i better go back now. It's almost 3. So tak larat to drive... Ugh...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I miss my little Gorby.

Home is where the 'Gorby' is. Gracie being here in kl makes it better. She's leaving tomorrow and i'm gonna miss her. :-(

Can't wait to visit Jo in Bangkok next month! Jo if you're reading this, *big hugs*!

Pulled over kat tepi Jalan waiting for the crew to come get me. They're late as usual.

Tummy feeling better now.

Started making entries in my journal again.

Listening to the Red Breakfast. Don't usually like listening to the radio but they play excellent songs and so i likey. Plus they're fun. :-) Nelly Futardo's Powerless is on. I like her better then. Now she's just nasty.

Crew still not here. Am hungry.. But stomach still not feeling well enough. Had plain bread for breakfast again..

Where are they? It's starting to get dark again! They're half an hour late...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Am shooting outside a mamak in Bukit Bintang. Not feeling too good. Tummy partly to blame but mostly am disturbed by news of the Tibetan protests. CNN has reported that 80 Tibetan protestors have been killed so far by the Chinese goverment. And as i am writing this, more tanks, guns and Chinese troops are being moved in to the once peaceful city of Lhasa. The Chinese goverment has gone way too far and are ruining what they've been trying to achieve in light of the Beijing Olympics in August. I say we should all boycott the Beijing Olympics. We can all do our part in helping the Tibetans fight for justice and freedom.

Healthy treat?

RM35 for a bowl of bird spit. I was told it'll make me beautiful. Am half way through the bowl already and i still feel and look the same. Honestly.. I don't think it works.. It tastes nice though..

Told the AD i was going to the ladies.. Here i am hanging out at Ah Yip's Herbal Soup Shop.. B-)

I'm feeling better now. Head feels a whole lot lighter. Though i think it's more of the Actifast i took than the bird's nest..

I better get going.

My Side

I really should get some sleep. Entourage is playing on the notebook. Kevin Connolly is too cute in a white shirt. :-)

Collected my Reebok outfit and running shoes from Mid Valley today for the launch on Tuesday. Love 'em! Thank you Reebok!

I've been quite disciplined so far in updating my blog. Wonder how long it'll last. I don't know what to write now. Mind on auto pilot. Cruising... Yes... Sleep now... Nite Nite y'all.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I miss Home already.

I'm on the bus now heading for KL. Sitting right at the back with my barang all over the 2 seats i'm occupying and on the floor. My tummy feels funny. I think i over ate.. Again.. :-)

I still don't know tomorrow's calltime. :-(

Wonder what the 'Hong So' people are up to tonight..

Joanna's farewell at Gracie's

We're gonna miss you Jo...... NOT!!!!!

Top from left - KB, Nikko, Eugene, Rina, (I'm sorry I don't remember theirr names...)
Bottom from left - Yu Cheng, Anna, Jen and Gracie.
Sounds like she's gonna be away for years and years! but in truth... She's only going away for 3 months. Yes... It's just an excuse to have a party. We honestly don't care if she's around or not, really... ;-)

Jo & Nikko

Joanna in Bangkok for 3 months = Free accomodation for all for 3 whole months! WoooHooo!!! I can't wait!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Movie Night

One thing missing tonight... Crazy G~~~!!!

I am so addicted to this.
Happy faces after Spiderwick Chronicles. 'Some' of us cried at the end. I won't say who.. ;-)



Dinner before movie. I love this whole mobile blogging thing!

Joanna pretending to be busy - with Oreo in the background

Another Mobile post. Just for the sake of utilizing this function on my nifty little Z610i. This is Fun! At Uncle Lim's office now. Just inhaled 2 packs of Majestic Rojak.. Again.. :-) nice. Going for Spiderwick tonight with the whole 'Hong So' crew.
Love, love, love the movies!

Past Tense

I hung on to his words,
to his cologne in my hair.

I hung on to his gaze,
to the way he seemed to care.

I hung on to that breath,
to a kiss that left me bare.

I hung on to a picture,
to a dream that was never there.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My First 2 Mobile Entries

Funny how even after rotating it on my phone, the first picture I posted still remained un-rotated.. Hmm...

Day out with Gracie!

Having Majestic Rojak at Swatow Lane with Gracie. Trying the laksa here. Hope it's good. Rojak is divine!


Magic 8 ball messing up my mind.. I think it's broken.

Nose feeling a little funny today. Was playing with Kennedy and Chilli at Chings'. I love her place. Was snooping around upstairs and found an old dresser in one of the rooms. T9 ran out of battery or I would have taken another roll of photos (Sounds better when I say 'roll' instead of 'memory stick' don't cha' think?)

I wonder if I ever get my punctuations correct.

Daddy having supper.. Probably for the second time tonight.
Mommy just joined him.

I haven't written in my journal for more than a week now. I skip a day and the rest is history.

Mom fixed my notebook with just one flick of a panel. What will I ever do without my Mommy?

Kos makaning now. I'm hungry again.. Gluttony is a sin..

Speaking of gluttony... The Vatican announced the latest list of thou-shalt-nots. Now it's officially a sin to pollute.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


On the couch, Revealed is on TV. Don't know what to write.

Sex drugs found in U.S drinking water.
Oil surges $107 per barrel.
Rare pygmy hippos caught on tape.
Eliot Spitzer is a bad boy.


I'm hungry..

I never know whats right or wrong to write on my blog and end up talking in riddles most of the time. I am trying not to do that anymore. I think too much. I start a sentence and by the time I finish it, I may forget why I started it in the first place. Train of thought. I hop on and off and sesat jalan all the time. - Sesat.. Seems to be the theme of the month -
So what should I be writing about?
Or maybe I should jsit post pictures. I'll probably do that very well. Though I think my battered T9 needs a break. Am glad it's taking it's time to die. Can't afford another camera at the mo. Am eyeing the new Sony A200. Yummy...

Gorby Snoring.. So cute.. tbt!

Monday, March 10, 2008

"I told you so"

Life and it's many surprises.
I must admit that I have been quite affected by what has happened in the recent weeks. On the other hand, I feel so liberated. I give myself mad props for having the guts to go through with it.
Heaving a big sigh of relief..

That said..
I feel stupid.
My problem?
Well.. I'm just silly la..

The problem with putting someone/something/whatever on a pedestal is that you almost always get disappointed. When I say almost always.. I almost always mean .. well.. -always-..
So yes.. Not anyone's fault. I have only myself to blame.
I am clumsy. I stumble.. I fall..
I pick myself up.. And hope and pray I don't make the same mistakes again.
I am weak..

I'll try to go to the gym more..