Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here I Am Again

Today was not a very eventful day. But fulfilling nonetheless. Started off a little sunny but got Mary Poppins windy towards the evening. Wind was coming from all sorts of directions.

I had just filled in the first few acid-free pages of my fresh new 5X8¼"Moleskine and am feeling very good about myself. And so decided to give myself a little treat.

Took a nice walk up and down Times Square (again) with my cute-as-a-button Aussie gal pal Paige Herbermann and made our first stop at Crumbs a cupcake shop on Broadway. Had each a sinful treat and went on our way. Walked around aimlessly for a bit and succumbed to 2 $10 Comedy Central taping tickets. VIP too... Was most cynically convinced that it was a street-side scam but we bought them anyway 'cause the lady was very convincing in her pitch. We're going on Sunday.

Walking makes one very hungry. And the wind was blowing away all the calories from the cupcakes :)

We then found ourselves tucked nicely in a corner at this cute little very all-American Diner called Stardust. Waiters and waitresses donned classic 50's outfits and hairdos and did renditions of Johnny Cash and June Carter duets on the bar top. My favorite moment was when one of the waitresses jumped up on the bar top and sang 'Popular' from Wicked. I was grinning like an idiot and singing along like a very bad and broken karaoke machine ( I have a sore throat, k :( ) It was a nice experience.
The servers at Stardust are all working and struggling actors waiting for their big break on Broadway. They looked like they were having a ball. I wouldn't mind having a job like that, really. Singing your heart out on a bar top while an Asian chick sucks on a BBQ chicken wing in the corner. I wish them all the best.

I would have taken more pictures had I brought along my 450D. And my little Android was running out of battery.

And here's a sweet and honest message I found in one of 'em touristy souvenir shops. I didn't buy it 'cause it would have cost me $8 so instead, I took a picture.
Hope you like it :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

1 Post a Week?

You think I'd be able to manage at least one post a week? I've been feeling very couped up recently. By choice I suppose. I open up my dashboard, type in a few lines and conclude to myself that I have nothing but a few pictures to show. I then send my courser up to the top right corner of my screen (I'm on a PC) and... *click*
But I'm not gonna do that today. I feel a sudden urge to share. Be it just a picture. New York City in winter makes me very emo. Emo writing can be good. It can also potentially be a 'What the h*ll was I thinking?'
New York City.
A City of Dreams.
A City where Dreams come true.
You'll find your Dreams in New York City.
New York City is a City of Hope.
People come here to look for something that's missing in their lives.
Some find it .
Some don't.
Some arrive to realize that what they've been missing was right under their noses.

Chinese New Year at Chinatown

The Manhattan Bridge