Thursday, February 18, 2010

1 Post a Week?

You think I'd be able to manage at least one post a week? I've been feeling very couped up recently. By choice I suppose. I open up my dashboard, type in a few lines and conclude to myself that I have nothing but a few pictures to show. I then send my courser up to the top right corner of my screen (I'm on a PC) and... *click*
But I'm not gonna do that today. I feel a sudden urge to share. Be it just a picture. New York City in winter makes me very emo. Emo writing can be good. It can also potentially be a 'What the h*ll was I thinking?'
New York City.
A City of Dreams.
A City where Dreams come true.
You'll find your Dreams in New York City.
New York City is a City of Hope.
People come here to look for something that's missing in their lives.
Some find it .
Some don't.
Some arrive to realize that what they've been missing was right under their noses.

Chinese New Year at Chinatown

The Manhattan Bridge

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